1/100 DKM 7.5m Boat

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Material: Gray PA12


Own a Piece of WWII History: Distefan's DKM 7.5m Boat Model in Two Exquisite Finishes

Immerse yourself in the rich history of WWII naval warfare with Distefan 3D Prints' meticulously crafted 1/100 scale model of the DKM 7.5m Boat! This exceptional replica pays homage to the motorboats utilized by Germany's Kriegsmarine, offering a unique and tangible connection to this significant period.

Unparalleled Accuracy and Craftsmanship

Distefan's DKM 7.5m model is a testament to precision and historical accuracy. Every component is faithfully recreated to capture the essence of the original vessels, from the sleek design to the intricate details. This model is a true collector's piece for anyone passionate about WWII history.

Fine Detail Plastic: The Perfect Canvas for History

Distefan 3D Prints utilizes Fine Detail Plastic, an acrylic material renowned for its exceptional detail capturing abilities. This high-quality material ensures a perfect canvas for bringing this historical replica to life, meeting the expectations of seasoned hobbyists and discerning collectors alike.

Choose Your Ideal Finish: Clear or Tan

Distefan empowers you to personalize your historical tribute with two exquisite finish options:

  • Clear Ultra Fine Detail Plastic:

    • Utilizing 3D Systems Visijet M2R Clear material, this finish offers stunning clarity and captures even the finest details with exceptional precision.
    • Ideal for showcasing intricate details and adding a touch of modern flair to your historical piece.
  • Tan Fine Detail Plastic:

    • Utilizing 3D Systems Visijet M2R TN material, this finish presents a uniform tan color, perfect for projects requiring contrast and richness.
    • The warm, opaque aesthetic provides a great base for further customization with paint if desired.

A Timeless Reminder of History

This exquisite 1/100 scale DKM 7.5m Boat model serves as a timeless reminder of the courage and sacrifice of those who served during WWII. Whether displayed proudly on its own or incorporated into a larger collection, this meticulously crafted replica brings history to life.

Order your 1/100 DKM 7.5m Boat model today from Distefan 3D Prints and embark on a journey through history!

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