1/125 DKM Bow Anchor Set (2 pcs)

Sale price£15.00
Material: Tan Fine Detail Plastic


Complete Your Kriegsmarine Model with the 1/125 DKM Bow Anchor Set (2 pcs) by Distefan 3D Print

History buffs and model ship enthusiasts, achieve anchor awe! Distefan 3D Print's 1/125 DKM Bow Anchor Set (2 pcs) elevates your WWII German Kriegsmarine model to museum-quality detail. This meticulously crafted set of two bow anchors boasts exceptional historical accuracy and unmatched elegance.

Unmatched Detail for Discerning Modelers:

  • Superior Scale: Precisely scaled at 1/125, these anchors seamlessly integrate with your existing Kriegsmarine battleship model.
  • Capture History in Miniature: Distefan 3D Print prioritizes historical fidelity, ensuring each anchor reflects the authentic design of WWII-era German warships.
  • Choose Your Material: Distefan 3D Print offers a variety of options to match your needs, including MJF Plastic PA12 (Gray Natural Finish), Versatile Plastic (Nylon 12) in White, and Fine Detail Plastic in Clear Ultra and Tan finishes.
  • Ready for Customization: The cleverly hollowed design allows for easy painting and weathering, enabling you to create a truly unique and personalized representation of these Kriegsmarine anchors.

The Perfect Finishing Touch for Your Kriegsmarine Model:

Add the perfect touch of realism to your WWII German warship model with this exquisite set of 1/125 scale DKM bow anchors.

Order your 1/125 DKM Bow Anchor Set (2 pcs) today from Distefan 3D Print and set sail for historical accuracy!

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