1/144 IJN Yamato bollard set 12pcs

Sale price£36.00
Material: Tan Fine Detail Plastic


This 1/144 scale IJN Yamato bollard set provides a faithful, detailed, and accurate recreation of the Japanese WWII Bollards SET for bow, aft inboard, aft hull side, bow hull side, and forward hull side. Constructed according to the original design, the bollards feature stunning fidelity and expert craftsmanship, allowing for an elegant replication of IJN Yamato Class WWII Ships. This set of 12 units is expertly made from a high-quality material and is hollowed-out to reduce overall weight, yet retains its faithful design and silhouette. An exquisite admixture of art and accuracy, this IJN Yamato bollard set is a must-have for any WWII enthusiast.

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