1/144 USS BB-59 Funnel Tower Bellow Part

Sale price£118.00
Material: White Natural Versatile Plastic


Complete Your 1/144 USS BB-59 with Distefan's Detailed Funnel Tower Bellow Part

Elevate Your Model with Museum-Quality Detail and Customization Freedom

Ship modelers seeking to elevate their 1/144 scale USS Massachusetts (BB-59) model can look no further than Distefan's meticulously crafted 1/144 USS BB-59 Funnel Tower (Bellow Part). This detailed replica captures the intricate design of the lower section of the funnel tower, a crucial element for a historically accurate representation of this iconic WWII battleship.

Precise Scale and Customizable White Finish

Distefan's 3D printed funnel tower bellow is precisely scaled to match the dimensions of the real USS BB-59's funnel tower, ensuring a perfect fit for your 1/144 scale model. The versatile plastic (Nylon 12) with a white finish offers exceptional detail and a smooth surface, making it ideal for painting and customizing to match the specific era and weathered look of your model.

Lightweight Design for Seamless Integration

This meticulously crafted bellow part is hand-hollowed to maintain a lightweight structure without sacrificing intricate details. This ensures seamless integration with your existing 1/144 USS BB-59 model without adding unnecessary weight.

Unlock the Full Majesty of "Big Mamie"

This museum-quality model component allows you to fully capture the beauty and power of the USS Massachusetts. With its exceptional detail and customizable finish, this bellow part is a must-have for any modeler looking to create a truly outstanding representation of this legendary battleship.

Distefan's Dedication to Historical Accuracy

Order your 1/144 USS BB-59 Funnel Tower Bellow Part today and experience the difference Distefan 3D Print's meticulous attention to detail can make. Elevate your model ship to the next level and showcase the full majesty of "Big Mamie."

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