1/29 USN PT Boat 109 Forward Turret Railing

Sale price£16.00
Material: Gray PA12


Supercharge Your PT-109 Model: Ultra-Detailed Forward Turret Railing (1/29 Scale)!

Attention WWII ship modelers! Take your 1/29 scale USN PT Boat 109 model to the next level of detail with this incredibly precise 3D printed replica of the Forward Turret Railing.

Unmatched Historical Accuracy:

  • This meticulously crafted railing boasts exquisite detailing, faithfully replicating the real PT-109's design using real-scale measurements for unparalleled historical accuracy.

Unpainted Canvas for Creative Freedom:

  • The unpainted finish allows you to unleash your inner artist and customize it to perfectly match your existing model or create a unique weathered effect for added depth.

The Perfect Fit for Your PT-109:

  • Designed specifically for 1/29 scale PT-109 models, this railing ensures a flawless and realistic upgrade.

Lightweight & Ready for Integration:

  • The hollowed construction is lightweight and saves on material, making it easier to integrate with your existing model.

The Finishing Touch for a Masterpiece:

  • This 1/29 USN PT Boat 109 Forward Turret Railing is the missing piece to elevate your model to a museum-worthy representation of this legendary vessel.
  • Experience the thrill of crafting a historically accurate and stunningly detailed PT-109 model.

Order your 1/29 USN PT Boat 109 Forward Turret Railing today and embark on a voyage of historical preservation and creative expression!

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