1/35 DKM 20mm Flak C30

Sale price£37.00
Material: Tan Fine Detail Plastic


Man Your Defenses: 1/35 DKM 20mm Flak C30 (3D Printed!)

Equip your 1/35 scale WWII ship model with this meticulously detailed, 3D-printed replica of a classic DKM 20mm Flak C30.

Unmatched Detail & Historical Accuracy:

  • This exquisite model boasts exceptional detail, faithfully replicating a real DKM 20mm Flak C30 used by the German Kriegsmarine during WWII.
  • Made from high-quality Fine Detail Plastic, it captures intricate details for a stunningly realistic representation.

Lightweight & Ready for Integration:

  • The hollowed design ensures a lightweight structure for seamless integration into your existing 1/35 scale WWII ship model.

Two Stunning Finish Options:

  • Crystal Clear Realism: Choose the Clear Ultra Fine Detail Plastic for a unique, varnished aesthetic or creative layering within dioramas, showcasing every intricate detail.
  • Warm & Opaque Appeal: Opt for the Tan Fine Detail Plastic for a rich, uniform color that complements historical models beautifully.

A Versatile Addition:

  • This versatile flak cannon is the perfect finishing touch for a variety of WWII ship models, adding an extra layer of historical accuracy and realism.

Unleash Your Creativity:

  • While both finishes offer a distinct look, you can further customize the flak cannon with paint schemes for added realism or create a one-of-a-kind artistic masterpiece.

The Perfect Finishing Touch:

  • This museum-quality 3D-printed flak cannon elevates your 1/35 scale WWII ship model to the next level, making it a true standout display piece.

Order your 1/35 DKM 20mm Flak C30 3D-printed model today and embark on a rewarding modeling adventure!

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