1/35 U-Boot U-441 Conning Tower Detail Kit

Sale price£105.00
Material: Tan Fine Detail Plastic


1/35 U-Boot U-441 Conning Tower Detail Kit: Supercharge Your WWII Submarine Model

Upgrade your 1/35 scale U-Boot U-441 model with this meticulously detailed conning tower kit! This comprehensive set boasts exceptional accuracy, capturing the iconic features of the real U-441 submarine.

Unmatched Detail & Realism:

  • Extensive Parts List: The kit includes an attack periscope, air search periscope, DF aerial antenna, hatches, radar equipment housing and aerial, and Uzo with binocular - all meticulously crafted for unparalleled realism.
  • Scaled from Originals: Each component is precisely scaled to ensure perfect proportions on your U-441 model.
  • Hollow Construction: This innovative technique maintains detail while saving material, making the kit lightweight and easy to use.

Choose Your Ideal Material:

  • Fine Detail Plastic: For the most intricate details, select our renowned Fine Detail Plastic. This acrylic material allows for stunningly sharp features, ideal for creating a truly museum-quality model.
  • Two Finish Options: We offer both Clear Ultra and Tan finishes. The Clear Ultra provides the absolute finest detail with a transparent look, while the Tan finish delivers exceptional detail with a warm, opaque aesthetic.

Elevate your U-441 model to the next level with this premium conning tower detail kit. Order yours today and bring your WWII submarine to life!

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