1/48 DKM UBoot VII C41 Shaft Housing and Props KIT

Sale price£177.00
Material: Tan Fine Detail Plastic


Elevate Your 1/48 DKM U-Boot VII C41 Model with a Museum-Quality Propeller & Shaft Assembly

Supercharge the realism of your 1/48 scale WWII German submarine model with this exceptional DKM U-Boot VII C41 Shaft Housing and Props Kit. This meticulously crafted kit boasts incredibly detailed and accurate components, guaranteeing an unmatched level of sophistication for your model.

Unparalleled Detail & Historical Replication

This comprehensive kit features everything you need to create a stunningly realistic propeller and shaft assembly, meticulously scaled from the original U-Boot VII C41 design for unmatched historical accuracy:

  • Complete Set of Starboard & Port: Propeller Shaft Housings, Shafts, Propellers, Rudders, and Aft Hydroplanes

Lightweight & Ready for Customization

Each component is thoughtfully hollowed to reduce weight while maintaining structural integrity. The unpainted model arrives as a blank canvas, ready for you to customize with your preferred colors and weathering effects to perfectly match your existing model.

Unleash the Potential of Two Exceptional Materials

This kit is available in two exceptional material options to bring your creative vision to life:

  • Fine Detail Plastic (Clear Ultra or Tan Finish): For the ultimate in detail, choose this exceptional acrylic material. Available in clear ultra or tan finishes, it showcases intricate features with a 32-micron layer height.

Take your 1/48 DKM U-Boot VII C41 model to the next level of realism. Order your Shaft Housing and Props Kit today!

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