1/48 USN 26-Foot Motor Whaleboat v2

Sale price£50.00
Material: White Natural Versatile Plastic


Ship Modelers, Ahoy!

Elevate your 1/48 scale US Navy ship model with Distefan 3D Print's meticulously crafted 1/48 USN 26-Foot Motor Whaleboat v2, including an 8.2mm diameter propeller!

This incredibly detailed replica perfectly captures the design of this essential utility boat, adding a touch of realism and historical accuracy to your model.

Museum-Quality Detail Meets Customization Freedom

Distefan 3D Print offers a variety of high-quality materials to bring your ship model to life:

  • MJF Plastic PA12 (Gray Natural Finish): This material delivers exceptional detail and a smooth surface, ideal for capturing the intricate features of the whaleboat.
  • Versatile Plastic (Nylon 12) - White Finish: Offering a balance of detail and affordability, this versatile plastic is great for both experienced modelers and beginners.
  • Fine Detail Plastic (Clear Ultra & Tan Finishes): For those seeking the ultimate in precision, Distefan 3D Print's Fine Detail Plastic offers exceptional clarity and a choice of finishes to perfectly match your existing model.

Cleverly Hollowed for Two Key Benefits:

  • Reduced Weight: Makes integration into your model easier without affecting stability.
  • Material Savings: We believe in offering high-quality detailing pieces at accessible prices.

Unleash Your Artistic Vision:

This whaleboat arrives unpainted, providing a blank canvas for you to unleash your creativity and personalize your model. Paint and weather it to perfectly match the historical period of your diorama!

Perfect 1/48 Scale: Seamlessly integrates with your existing 1/48 scale diorama elements (dimensions: 4.49 x 16.5 x 3.57 cm).

The Perfect Finishing Touch for Your Ship Model:

The 1/48 USN 26-Foot Motor Whaleboat v2 with 8.2mm diameter propeller from Distefan 3D Print offers the ideal solution to enhance the historical accuracy and realism of your 1/48 scale US Navy ship model. Experience the difference that meticulous attention to detail can make and order yours today!

Please note: Some part cleanup may be necessary due to the 3D printing process.

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