1/72 USN 5"/25 Deck Gun Mk40

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Material: Tan Fine Detail Plastic


Supercharge Your 1/72 WWII Subs with Distefan's USN 5"/25 Deck Gun Mk40 (Paintable or Pre-Colored)

Add Iconic Anti-Submarine Armament (For Most Skill Levels or Experienced Modelers)

Ship modelers, elevate the historical accuracy and firepower of your 1/72 scale WWII submarines with this meticulously detailed replica of the USN 5"/25 Deck Gun Mk40 from Distefan 3D Print.

Choose Your Material (Paintable or Pre-Colored)

Distefan 3D Print offers this model in two material choices:

  • MJF Plastic PA12 (Blackl Finish): This option provides a realistic gray finish and a smooth surface, perfect for painting directly or with minimal preparation.

  • Fine Detail Plastic (Clear Ultra and Tan Finishes): Experienced modelers can utilize these pre-colored finishes for advanced painting techniques. (Please note: Clear and Tan finishes may require special handling or paint. Check Distefan 3D Print's website for details.)

Highly Detailed Replica of the Mk40 Deck Gun

This 3D printed model precisely replicates the intricate details of the real-life USN 5"/25 Mk40 deck gun, a wet mount weapon used on American submarines towards the end of WWII. Distefan 3D Print utilizes high-resolution scans to ensure historical accuracy for the discerning modeler.

Compatible with Various WWII USN Submarines

The 5"/25 Deck Gun Mk40 was used on a variety of American submarines during WWII. Check Distefan 3D Print's website for compatibility details.

Lightweight Design for Seamless Integration

The clever hollowed-out construction keeps the weight down, making it perfect for installation into your delicate 1/72 scale models, preventing weight imbalances.

Unleash Your Creativity or Challenge Yourself (Depending on Material)

The Black Finish option allows for easy customization with paint schemes to match specific historical periods or create a weathered look. The Clear and Tan finishes are ideal for experienced modelers who can apply advanced painting techniques.

Bring History to Life with This Detailed Replica!

Whether you choose the paintable Black Finish or the pre-colored Clear Ultra or Tan finishes, this highly detailed replica is a fantastic addition to any WWII submarine modeler's collection.

Need Help with Cleaning or Painting Your Model?

Explore our comprehensive guide for expert tips and tricks: https://distefano3dprint.com/blogs/promotion/cleaning-and-painting

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Doug P.
Spot on

These are the 3rd & 4th I’ve bought. Excellent quality. No flash. No assembly needed

Dana M.
WWII USN Deck Guns

These are the best detailed parts I have ever seen. I'll never use resin again. Prompt shipping; I plan to order again soon.

Jeff S.
1/72 USN 5 inch 25 Cal Submarine Deck Gun

incredible detail. I’m very impressed

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