1/100 DKM Graf Spee Barrels 28cm/52 (11in) SK C/28

Sale price£20.00
Material: White Natural Versatile Plastic


Upgrade Your DKM Graf Spee: Supercharge It with Ultra-Detailed 1/100 Barrels!

Calling all ship modelers and history enthusiasts! Take your 1/100 scale Kriegsmarine WWII Deutschland-class battleship model to the next level of realism with this incredibly detailed 3D printed set of 28cm/52 (11") SK C/28 gun barrels!

A Perfect Match for Your DKM Model:

  • Engineered with precision, this set meticulously replicates the real SK C/28 gun barrels used on the iconic "Pocket Battleships" Admiral Graf Spee, Admiral Scheer, and Lutzow (ex-Deutschland).
  • These barrels will add an unmatched layer of historical accuracy to your model, bringing the legend of the DKM Graf Spee to life.

Unpainted for Creative Freedom:

  • The versatile white nylon plastic provides a blank canvas for customization. Paint them to perfectly match your existing model or create a unique weathered effect for added depth of realism.
  • The hollowed design facilitates easy integration with your model's turrets.

The Perfect Finishing Touch:

  • This meticulously detailed set of 1/100 DKM Graf Spee Barrels is the missing piece to elevate your model to a museum-worthy masterpiece.
  • The exceptional detail and historical accuracy will undoubtedly transform your model into a stunning recreation of these legendary warships.

Order your 1/100 DKM Graf Spee Barrels 28cm/52 (11in) SK C/28 today and embark on a voyage of historical preservation and creative expression!

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