1/100 DKM Paravane Right Side

Sale price£15.00
Material: Tan Fine Detail Plastic


Introducing this meticulously crafted 1/100 scale replica of a Germany Kriegsmarine paravane, specifically the port side. Designed with precision and accuracy, this paravane is the ideal addition to any model ship enthusiast's collection. Crafted from the original with exquisite detail, each unit is hollowed-out to reduce weight and ensure authenticity. The set includes two units, perfect for enhancing the display of Germany Kriegsmarine WWII ships.

Key Features:

  • Scale Accuracy: Faithfully replicated in 1/100 scale from the original design.

  • Hollowed Design: Each unit is hollowed-out for authenticity and reduced weight.

  • Versatile Compatibility: Suitable for all Germany Kriegsmarine WWII ships.

  • Set of Two: Comes in a set of two units for added value and versatility in display.

Premium Materials:

Fine Detail Plastic – Clear Ultra and Tan Finishes

  • Material Overview: Fine Detail Plastic, renowned for its capacity to achieve exceptionally high detail, is the perfect choice for intricate designs.

  • Clear Ultra Fine Detail Plastic: Utilizing 3D Systems Visijet M2R Clear material at Ultra High Definition resolution settings, this finish provides unparalleled clarity and precision.

  • Tan Fine Detail Plastic: Utilizing 3D Systems Visijet M2R TN material at High Definition resolution settings, the Tan finish offers a warm and opaque aesthetic, perfect for projects requiring contrast and richness.

Enhance Your Display:

Add sophistication and elegance to your model ship display with the 1/100 DKM Paravane Right Side set. Whether you're a seasoned model ship enthusiast or a collector, this meticulously crafted replica will elevate your collection to new heights. Order now and experience the unparalleled quality and attention to detail that define our products.

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