1/100 USN 5"/54 Caliber Mark 45 Gun Mod 0-2

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Material: Gray PA12


Supercharge Your Display: 1/100 USN 5"/54 Caliber Mark 45 Gun (Choose Your Material)

The Essential Detail for the Discerning Model Collector

Military history buffs and model enthusiasts, assemble! Take your collection to the next level with Distefan 3D Print's 1/100 USN 5"/54 Caliber Mark 45 Gun Mod 0-2: Naval Precision Edition. This exceptional replica captures the iconic deck gun that armed Arleigh Burke-class destroyers, adding a layer of historical significance and firepower to your display.

Unleash Your Inner Shipwright

This highly detailed model boasts an incredibly accurate design, faithfully replicating the features of a real Mark 45 gun. Precision scaled to 1/100, this piece allows you to create a true-to-life portrayal of this essential piece of naval weaponry. The hollowed-out design keeps the parts lightweight for easy installation and posing. Offered unpainted, this gun allows you to unleash your creativity and customize it to perfectly match your specific historical scene or diorama. Some minor cleanup may be required after printing.

Choose the Perfect Material for Your Vision

Distefan 3D Print understands that modelers have different needs. That's why we offer this Mark 45 Gun in two distinct materials, each suited to a specific preference:

  • MJF Plastic PA12 – Gray Natural Finish: This material offers a balance of durability and detail, perfect for a sturdy and long-lasting addition to your model. The natural gray finish provides a great starting point for painting and weathering.

  • Fine Detail Plastic – Clear Ultra and Tan Finishes: This premium option utilizes high-resolution 3D printing technology to achieve exceptional detail.

    • Clear Ultra Finish: Showcase the intricate workings of the gun with a transparent finish. (Additional cost applies)
    • Tan Finish: Achieve a realistic base for detailed painting and weathering. (Additional cost applies)

More Than Just a Gun, It's Historical Significance

This Mark 45 Gun isn't just a model component; it's a chance to showcase the firepower and defensive capabilities of the Arleigh Burke-class destroyers. Imagine this gun guarding your miniature fleet, adding a touch of realism and historical significance to your display.

Order your 1/100 USN 5"/54 Caliber Mark 45 Gun Mod 0-2: Naval Precision Edition from Distefan 3D Print today and elevate your next historical model to a masterpiece of detail!

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