1/192 USN 5"/54 cal. Mk.42 "Frog-Eye" Mount Kit

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Material: Tan Fine Detail Plastic


Upgrade Your 1/192 USN Ships with Highly Detailed 5"/54 cal. Mk.42 "Frog-Eye" Mount Kit

Unmatched Accuracy and Functionality for Discerning Modelers

Ship modelers, elevate the realism and firepower of your 1/192 scale US Navy ship models with this meticulously detailed 5"/54 Mk.42 Frog-Eye Mount Kit from Distefan 3D Print.

Museum-Quality Replication for Historical Accuracy

This exquisite 3D printed kit accurately depicts the iconic 5"/54 caliber Mk.42 gun mount nicknamed "Frog-eye" due to its distinctive local fire control dome. Distefan 3D Print utilizes high-resolution scans and meticulous attention to detail to create a stunning and historically accurate addition to your model.

Highly Compatible with Numerous US Navy Ships

The 5"/54 Mk.42 mount was a versatile weapon system used on a wide range of US Navy vessels, including:

  • Destroyers (Forrest Sherman, Farragut, Charles F. Adams, Mitscher, Knox-class)
  • Cruisers (Belknap-class, Truxtun)
  • Aircraft Carriers (Forrestal-class)

The product description also includes a downloadable list (not shown here) for further reference.

Functional Design and Unpainted Finish for Customization

This kit features a separate cannon and trunnion, allowing you to position the barrel at various realistic firing elevations. The clever hollowed-out design offers two key benefits:

  • Lightweight Design: Makes integration into your delicate 1/192 scale model easier.
  • Material Efficiency: Offers an affordable option without sacrificing exceptional quality and detail.

The mount arrives unpainted, providing you with the creative freedom to customize it perfectly to match the specific era and weathered look of your US Navy ship model.

The Perfect Finishing Touch for Your Masterpiece

For an extra touch of historical accuracy and impressive firepower, incorporate Distefan's 1/192 USN 5"/54 Mk.42 Frog-Eye Mount Kit into your model. Experience the difference meticulous attention to detail can make and order yours today!

Please note: Some part cleanup may be necessary due to the 3D printing process.

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