1/72 USS Oliver Hazard Perry Command Bridge

Sale price£170.00
Material: White Natural Versatile Plastic


Set Sail for Realism: Upgrade Your 1/72 Oliver Hazard Perry with This Detailed Command Bridge!

Ship modelers, attention! Take command of your 1/72 scale USS Oliver Hazard Perry-class frigate model with this incredibly detailed 3D printed command bridge, complete with the AN/SLQ 32 electronic warfare suite!

Unmatched Historical Accuracy:

  • Engineered with meticulous precision, this bridge faithfully replicates the real Oliver Hazard Perry's command center, capturing every intricate detail for an unmatched level of realism.

Unleash Your Creative Potential:

  • The unpainted white finish provides a blank canvas for customization. Paint it to match your existing model or create a unique weathered effect for added depth.
  • The hollowed design facilitates easy integration with your model.

Strong and Versatile Material:

  • Crafted from durable Nylon 12 plastic, this command bridge is built to last.

The Perfect Finishing Touch:

  • This meticulously detailed command bridge is an essential upgrade for any 1/72 scale USS Oliver Hazard Perry-class frigate model.
  • The exceptional detail and realistic design will add the finishing touch, making your model ship a true centerpiece in your nautical collection.

Order your 1/72 USS Oliver Hazard Perry command bridge today and embark on a voyage of historical accuracy and creative expression!

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