1/100 IJN 12cm AA Rocket mounts Set x3
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1/100 IJN 12cm AA Rocket mounts Set x3

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1/100 scale very hi detailed and accurate model of WWII IJN 12 cm (4.7 in) AA Rocket Mounts.

The Imperial Japanese Navy developed a number of spin-stabilized rockets during World War II, but only this one ever saw service use. These went to sea in launchers containg 28 rockets with six launchers on most carriers. The rocket had an incendiary shrapnel warhead, somewhat similar in design to the "Sankaidan" Type 3 projectile used for guns, and had a time fuze set to explode the warhead at either 1,000 or 1,500 meters (1,100 or 1,640 yards). They were electrically fired in pairs or automatically in 14-rocket sets, the latter action taking 10 seconds to fire all rockets.

Ship Class Used On: Many ships from 1910s through 1930s.

Real scaled from original.
Hollowed to saved material.
Model unpainted.
Set 3 Units

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Some part cleanup will be necessary. Water-based acrylic paints meant for plastics is strongly recommended.  Other paints, especially enamels, may not cure on Frosted Detail 3D-printed plastics.