1/11 DKM G7 torpedo (21 in)

Sale price$330.02
Material: White Natural Versatile Plastic


This exquisite 1/11 scale DKM G7 torpedo is an extraordinarily detailed and accurate testament to Germany's Kriegsmarine 53.3 cm (21") G7 Torpedo. Meticulously crafted, with a total length of 75.5cm, outside diameter of 5.5cm, and inner diameter of 4.7 cm, this masterpiece features three distinct parts measuring 22cm, 28.5cm, and 25.5cm respectively. Additionally, it boasts realism down to the last detail, being scaled directly from the original and hollowed to save material and unpainted for added authenticity. Appreciated by both battleships and submarines, the G7 Torpedo is an artwork of naval engineering and this collectible piece will not disappoint.

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