1/11 DKM UBoot VIIC Horse Type Life Preserver

Sale price$54.87
Material: White Natural Versatile Plastic


The Essential Detail to Elevate Your U-Boot Model: 1/11 DKM U-Boot VII/C Life Preservers (Set of 2)

Calling all WWII model ship enthusiasts! Take your 1/11 scale U-Boot VII/C model to the next level of realism with our exquisitely detailed set of 2 life preservers. These historically accurate replicas perfectly capture the distinctive "horse type" design used on U-Boot conning towers, adding a touch of authenticity and sophistication to your U-Boot creation.

Unleash Your Inner Modeler

Each life preserver boasts an intricate design, meticulously replicating the iconic features of the real-world counterpart. The set includes two unpainted models, allowing you to unleash your creativity and customize them to precisely match your specific U-Boat and scene. The hollowed-out design ensures both lightweight construction and accurate scale for seamless integration into your model.

Choose the Perfect Material for Your Needs

We understand that modelers have varying priorities. That's why we offer our 1/11 DKM U-Boot VII/C Life Preservers in two exceptional options:

  • Versatile Plastic (White Finish): This option offers a balance of affordability and detail. The white finish provides a touch of elegance and a versatile canvas for painting or weathering to match your specific U-Boot. The material is strong and slightly flexible, making it ideal for detailed parts.

  • Fine Detail Plastic (Clear or Tan): For modelers who demand the absolute finest details, our Fine Detail Plastic offers exceptional precision. Choose from Clear for a unique, see-through look, or Tan for a solid base for your custom paint scheme.

More Than Just Parts, It's a Modeler's Dream

This set of 1/11 DKM U-Boot VII/C Life Preservers is more than just model ship accessories; it's an opportunity to showcase your modeling skills and historical knowledge. The intricate details and unpainted finish allow you to create a truly unique and personalized representation of your U-Boot model.

Order your 1/11 DKM U-Boot VII/C Life Preservers today and add a touch of realistic detail to your next WWII U-Boot model!

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