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1/35 DKM Shield v2 for 10.5 cm/45 (4.1in) SK C/32

1/35 DKM Shield v2 for 10.5 cm/45 (4.1in) SK C/32

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1/35 scale very hi detailed and accurate model of DKM WWII 10.5 cm/45 (4.1in) MPL C/32 single pedestal mount with open hatches.

Suitable for: 1/35 DKM 10.5 cm/45 (4.1in) SK C/32 Gun (

This weapon was used on the German Panzerschiffes and Battleships in both twin and single mounts 

Ship Class Used On: Elbing Torpedo Boat classes (Type 35 and Type 37)
Also used on F-boats and some M261 (Type 40) minesweepers

Einsatz: ab 1934 auf Torpedobooten (Typ 35/37) / Minensucher und Typ I und Type IX-U-Booten.

Single mounts
Schlesien (6): MPL C/32ge
Torpedo Boats (1): MPL C/32 or MPL C/32ge
Type I and early Type IX U-Boats (1): Ubts LC/32
Later Type IX and Type X U-Boats (1) 2: Ubts LC/36
Smaller boats: MPLC/30 (originally built for 8.8 cm guns)

Real scaled from original.
Hollowed to saved material.
Model unpainted.

If you need a different size or a custom part designed just for you? 
Please send me a PM.

Some part cleanup will be necessary. Water-based acrylic paints meant for plastics is strongly recommended. Other paints, especially enamels, may not cure on Frosted Detail 3D-printed plastics.
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