1/35 DKM Uboot VIIC Hull Deck Railing Set

Sale price$40.00
Material: White Natural Versatile Plastic


Supercharge Your U-Boat Realism: 1/35 DKM VIIC Hull Railing Set (3D Printed!)

Elevate the historical accuracy of your 1/35 scale U-boat model with this meticulously detailed, 3D-printed DKM VIIC hull railing set!

Unmatched Detail & Historical Replication:

  • Crafted from high-quality materials and based on exact reproductions of the originals, this railing set boasts exceptional detail, faithfully replicating the railings found on real DKM VIIC U-boats.
  • Choose from multiple materials to perfectly suit your modeling needs.

Lightweight & Easy to Integrate:

  • The meticulously hollowed design ensures a lightweight structure for seamless integration into your existing 1/35 scale U-boat model.

Multiple Material Options:

  • Durable Realism: MJF Plastic PA12 (Gray Natural Finish) delivers a robust, slightly grainy texture for a touch of historical authenticity, complementing the worn look of your U-boat model.
  • Crystal Clear View (For Advanced Modelers): Fine Detail Plastic (Clear Ultra Finish) showcases every intricate detail with unparalleled clarity, perfect for experienced modelers creating dioramas with a focus on waterline realism. (Note: Requires additional cleaning due to printing process)
  • Rich Display Base: Fine Detail Plastic (Tan Finish) offers a warm, opaque aesthetic that creates a visually striking base for your U-boat model, especially when placed against a water backdrop.

The Perfect Finishing Touch:

  • This museum-quality 3D-printed railing set adds an extra layer of realism and historical detail to your 1/35 scale U-boat model, taking your creation to the next level.

Order your 1/35 DKM Uboot VIIC Hull Railing Set 3D-printed model today and embark on a rewarding modeling adventure!

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