1/700 US Navy AN-SPG-55 fire control set

Sale price$19.69
Material: Tan Fine Detail Plastic


Unlock unprecedented accuracy in your US Navy model dioramas with the 1/700 AN-SPG-55 fire control. Authentically recreated in rich detail at a scale of 1/700, this exquisite 4-unit set features hollowed parts to save on material, allowing for lightweight construction and easy integration into your builds. Guiding Terrier and RIM-67 missiles with a sophisticated tracking and illumination radar, this fine model has graced the decks of vessels such as Kitty Hawk-class aircraft carriers, Belknap-class cruisers, Leahy-class cruisers, and Farragut-class destroyers. Unleash the pinnacle of crafting excellence with this premium US Navy accessory.

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