1/72 IJN Yamato Tubs for 46cm Type 94 Turrets Set

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Material: Gray PA12


Product Name: "1/72 IJN Yamato Tubs for 46cm Type 94 Turrets Set: Authentic Detailing for Your Scale Warship Model"

Product Description: Elevate your scale modeling experience with our meticulously crafted 1/72 IJN Yamato Tubs for 46cm Type 94 Turrets Set. Designed for enthusiasts of IJN WWII Yamato Class vessels, this set brings an unprecedented level of detail and accuracy to your model.

Scale Precision: In a 1/72 scale, our model captures the essence of the IJN Yamato's 46cm Type 94 turrets with unparalleled accuracy. Real-scaled from the original, each tub is intricately hollowed to save material and arrives unpainted, allowing you to infuse your personal touch into the design.

Material Excellence: Crafted from Multi Jet Fusion (MJF) Plastic PA12, renowned for HP's nylon plastic, our model boasts remarkable mechanical properties. This material is a cornerstone in 3D printing, celebrated for its durability and versatility.

Gray Natural Finish: The Gray Natural finish adds a touch of authenticity to the model, providing a distinctive matte surface with a subtle grainy feel. This finish strikes the perfect balance between visual appeal and tactile feedback, making it an ideal choice for your scale ship modeling projects.

Set Inclusions and Model Care: Each set includes four units of the IJN Yamato Tubs for 46cm Type 94 Turrets, catering to both port and starboard configurations. Enhance the detailing of your model with these accurately reproduced components. The hollowed design ensures material efficiency, and while the model is unpainted, minimal cleanup may be required for optimal results.

Immerse yourself in the world of naval history and craftsmanship with our 1/72 IJN Yamato Tubs Set. Order now and experience the satisfaction of bringing authenticity to your scale warship model.

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