1/100 Germany Kriegsmarine 2cm Flak

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Material: Tan Fine Detail Plastic


Supercharge Your WWII Dioramas: 1/100 DKM 2cm Flak (Clear or Tan)

Immerse Yourself in WWII History with this Ultra-Detailed Flak

Attention modelers and history buffs! Distefan 3D Print offers the perfect way to elevate the realism and historical accuracy of your WWII dioramas: the meticulously detailed 1/100 DKM 2cm Flak. This exceptional model captures the iconic Kriegsmarine 2cm flak 30/38/Flakvierling with stunning detail, making it a museum-quality showpiece for any enthusiast.

Precision Engineered for the Discerning Modeler

This model boasts an incredibly accurate replica of the real Kriegsmarine 2cm flak, faithfully reproduced at 1/100 scale. Every intricate detail, from the gun barrels to the mounting mechanism, is faithfully captured. The cleverly hollowed-out design reduces weight while maintaining structural integrity and ensuring the intricate details remain crisp. Offered in two exceptional finishes, this set allows you to customize it to perfectly match your vision.

Choose Your Ideal Material:

Distefan 3D Print caters to your preferences with two exquisite Fine Detail Plastic options:

  • Clear Ultra Fine Detail Plastic: This option utilizes 3D Systems Visijet M2R Clear material, achieving exceptional detail and transparency. The 32-micron layer height allows for remarkable clarity and precision, perfect for showcasing the intricate mechanics of the flak.

  • Tan Fine Detail Plastic: This option utilizes 3D Systems Visijet M2R TN material, offering a warm and uniform tan color. This creates a perfect base for painting and weathering to match a specific historical period or achieve a more traditional look.

Unleash Your Artistic Vision (Optional, depending on paint compatibility):

While this flak model comes unpainted, the Clear Ultra Finish option allows for some artistic expression. You can add a touch of paint to highlight specific details or create a weathered effect to further enhance the realism of your diorama.

The Perfect Finishing Touch for WWII Dioramas

The 1/100 DKM 2cm Flak from Distefan 3D Print is the missing piece to elevate your WWII dioramas to a new level of realism. Choose your preferred finish – Clear or Tan – and experience the difference that meticulous attention to detail can make!

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