1/16 DKM U-Boot VIIC conning tower detail Kit

Sale price$271.74
Material: White Natural Versatile Plastic


This 1/16 DKM U-Boot VIIC conning tower detail kit is the perfect addition to your model boat collection. Featuring an incredibly detailed and accurate construction, this kit contains a bevy of features including left-compass-with-support, ladders, control-room-air-periscope, rigging isolator set, attack periscope, flag beam, DF aerial antenna, compass, horse type life preserver with mount set, signal lamp, uzo with binocular, turnbuckles, navigation light set, main hatch hinged set, clock, aerial antenna mount set, bell, and more. Built to exacting scale from the original, this model is hollowed to save material, and remains unpainted for the perfect opportunity to customize your project.

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