1/16 USN Hedgehog Thrower MK10
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1/16 USN Hedgehog Thrower MK10

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1/16 scale very hi detailed and accurate model of MK10 projector, known as the hedgehog, launches 24 - 7.2 inch missiles with contact fuzes.

The Hedgehog (also known as an Anti-Submarine Projector) was a forward-throwing anti-submarine weapon 
that was used during the Battle of the Atlantic in the Second World War. The device, 
which was developed by the Royal Navy, fired up to 24spigot mortars ahead of a ship when attacking a U Boat. 

It was deployed on convoy escort warships such as destroyers and corvettes to supplement the depth charges.

Real scaled from original.
Hollowed to saved material.
Model unpainted.
Set 16 Units.

If you need a different size or a custom part designed just for you? 
Please send me a PM.