1/18 USN telegraph Porthole Windows

Sale price$25.70
Material: Natural Brass


Breathe Life into Your Ship Model: Unscaled 1/18 USN Telegraph Porthole Options!

Calling all ship modelers and history enthusiasts! Supercharge your 1/18 scale US Navy model with these incredibly detailed replicas of the Telegraph Porthole Windows.

Unmatched Material Options:

  • Choose between the timeless elegance of real brass for a luxurious touch, or the affordability and detail of fine plastic.
  • Both options offer the perfect canvas for your creative vision.

Historically Inspired, Not Restricted:

  • These portholes are unscaled, allowing you to use them on various 1/18 scale ship models or for unique, custom projects.
  • The exquisite detailing captures the essence of the originals, adding a touch of maritime history to your model.

The Finishing Touch for Discerning Modelers:

  • The hollowed design is lightweight and easy to integrate with your existing model.
  • The unpainted finish allows you to customize them to perfectly match your model's color scheme or create a weathered, vintage effect.

Elevate Your Model to a Masterpiece:

  • These 1/18 USN Telegraph Porthole Windows are the missing piece to take your ship model from ordinary to extraordinary.
  • Experience the thrill of crafting a stunning and historically inspired representation of a US Navy vessel.

Order your 1/18 USN Telegraph Porthole Windows today and embark on a voyage of creative expression!

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