1/192 USN Compass Set (2 pcs)

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Material: Tan Fine Detail Plastic


Navigate Your Model with Precision: Distefan's 1/192 USN Compass Set (2 pcs)

Add Essential Details and Historical Accuracy

Ship modelers seeking to elevate their 1/192 scale US Navy ship models with museum-quality detail need look no further than Distefan's meticulously crafted 1/192 USN Compass Set (2 pcs). This essential set features two exquisitely detailed compasses, crucial navigational instruments for any historical US Navy vessel.

Unmatched Detail and Lightweight Design

Distefan's 3D printed compasses boast exceptional detail, faithfully replicating the design of real USN compasses. Choose from two unique material options to enhance your model:

  • Clear Ultra Finish: Offers unmatched clarity, ideal for showcasing the intricate inner workings of the compass.
  • Tan Finish: Provides a realistic, weathered appearance, perfectly complementing historical models.

The hollowed-out design ensures a lightweight structure for seamless integration with your existing model without adding unnecessary weight.

Unpainted for Customization and Realistic Appeal

This set arrives unpainted, allowing you to customize the compasses to perfectly match the specific era and weathered look of your model. Paint them to depict a brand new ship or add a touch of wear and tear for a historically accurate representation.

A Must-Have for Discerning Modelers

This museum-quality 1/192 USN Compass Set (2 pcs) is a must-have for any discerning modeler looking to create a truly exceptional representation of a US Navy ship. These essential details add a layer of realism that will impress even the most critical eye.

Experience Distefan's Difference

Order your 1/192 USN Compass Set (2 pcs) today and experience the difference Distefan 3D Print's meticulous attention to detail can make. Navigate your model ship to a new level of historical accuracy and sophistication.

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