1/200 Bismarck Anchor Chain Stern

Sale price$15.00
Material: Tan Fine Detail Plastic


Upgrade Your 1/200 Bismarck Model with Distefan's Detailed Stern Anchor Chain (Unpainted)

Add Historical Accuracy to Your Bismarck Model

Ship modelers seeking to elevate the historical accuracy of their 1/200 scale Bismarck model can look no further than Distefan's meticulously detailed 1/200 Bismarck Stern Anchor Chain (Unpainted).

Museum-Quality Details for Discerning Modelers

This 3D printed model accurately depicts the Bismarck's stern anchor chain, a crucial component for mooring and anchoring. Distefan 3D Print utilizes high-resolution scans to create an impressive miniature replica, adding realism to your model.

Precise Scale and Multiple Finish Options

Engineered to perfectly match the 1/200 scale of your Bismarck model, this anchor chain boasts exceptional detail. Choose from two unpainted finishes:

  • Clear Ultra: Allows for customization with paint.
  • Tan: Offers a warm, pre-colored base.

Lightweight Design for Easy Installation

The clever hollowed-out design ensures this model is lightweight, making installation on your model easier.

Experience the Difference Distefan's Detail Makes

Order your 1/200 Bismarck Stern Anchor Chain today and experience the difference meticulous attention to detail can make in your model ship!

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