1/240 USN 4 inch 50 (10.2 cm) Deck Mount

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Material: Tan Fine Detail Plastic


1/240 USN 4 inch 50 (10.2 cm) Deck Mount: Supercharge the Detail of Your Destroyer Diorama

Elevate your 1/240 scale destroyer diorama to the next level with Distefan 3D Print's exquisite 1/240 USN 4"/50 Deck Mount! This meticulously crafted miniature captures the iconic armament of US Navy destroyers in stunning detail, allowing you to recreate historical accuracy in a compact scale.

Unmatched Detail in Miniature:

  • Precise Scaling: Distefan ensures historical fidelity by scaling this deck mount directly from real USN specifications for the 4"/50 (10.2 cm) Marks 7 and 9 sub deck mounts. Every detail, from the mount base to the gun platform, is reproduced with exceptional sharpness, bringing your destroyer model to life.
  • Museum-Quality Realism: This 3D printed deck mount boasts exceptional sharpness, perfect for discerning modelers seeking unparalleled realism. Imagine your intricate diorama showcasing the precise weaponry of a US destroyer, ready to defend against any threat.

Lightweight Design for Optimal Balance:

  • Hollowed Construction: This deck mount is meticulously hollowed to maintain strength while minimizing material usage, ensuring perfect balance within your diorama. This prevents unwanted tilting or weight distribution issues.

A Modeler's Dream Canvas:

  • Unpainted Masterpiece: Distefan provides this deck mount unpainted, allowing you to customize it with your preferred colors and weathering effects to perfectly match your model. Imagine a worn, battle-hardened appearance reflecting the realities of combat.
  • Multiple Material Options (Optional): While Distefan offers a high-quality material optimized for this product, you can choose from a variety of options to suit your modeling preferences:
    • MJF Plastic PA12 (Gray Natural Finish): Offers a classic, slightly textured finish for historical accuracy.
    • Fine Detail Plastic (Clear Ultra & Tan Finishes): Not recommended for the main body due to lack of opacity, but can be used for specific details or accents on your model.

Simple Assembly for Maximum Enjoyment:

This deck mount is designed for easy integration into your 1/240 scale destroyer diorama. With some minor part cleanup, you'll be well on your way to completing your historically accurate masterpiece.

Order your 1/240 USN 4"/50 Deck Mount today from Distefan 3D Print and add a touch of realistic firepower to your destroyer diorama!

Customer Reviews

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Robert K.
1/240 USN 4 inch Deck Gun

Very, very nice detail for such a small item. I really did not expect that level of detail and scale Very pleased, will make a nice replacement for the kit parts , which were way out of scale.

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