1/240 USN 4"/50 (10.2 cm) Open Sub Deck Mount Set (4 pcs)

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Material: Tan Fine Detail Plastic


1/240 USN 4"/50 (10.2 cm) Open Sub Deck Mount Set (4 pcs): Supercharge the Detail of Your Destroyer Model

Elevate your 1/240 scale Revell Campbeltown/Somers diorama to the next level of detail with Distefan 3D Print's exquisite 1/240 USN 4"/50 (10.2 cm) Open Sub Deck Mount Set! This meticulously crafted set of 4 miniature deck mounts captures the iconic armament of US Navy destroyers with stunning precision, injecting historical realism into your project.

Unmatched Detail in Miniature:

  • Precise Scaling: Distefan ensures historical accuracy by scaling these deck mounts directly from real US Navy specifications. Every detail, from the mount base to the gun platform, is reproduced with exceptional sharpness, bringing your destroyer model to life.
  • Museum-Quality Realism: This 3D printed set boasts exceptional sharpness, perfect for discerning modelers seeking unparalleled realism. Imagine your intricate diorama showcasing the firepower of the USS Somers, ready to defend against any threat.

A Perfect Fit for Your Project:

  • Compatible with Revell Models: This set is specifically designed to seamlessly integrate with the popular Revell 1/240 Campbeltown kit, allowing you to transform it into the iconic USS Somers with ease.

Lightweight Design for Optimal Balance:

  • Hollowed Construction: Each deck mount is meticulously hollowed to maintain strength while minimizing material usage, ensuring perfect balance within your diorama.

Multiple Material Options (Optional):

While Distefan offers a high-quality material optimized for this product, you can choose from a variety of options to suit your modeling preferences:

  • MJF Plastic PA12 (Gray Natural Finish): Offers a classic, slightly textured finish for historical accuracy.
  • Fine Detail Plastic (Clear Ultra & Tan Finishes): Not recommended for the main body due to lack of opacity, but can be used for specific details or accents on your model.

Simple Assembly for Maximum Enjoyment:

This set is designed for easy integration into your 1/240 scale Revell Campbeltown/Somers diorama. With some minor part cleanup, you'll be well on your way to completing your historically accurate masterpiece.

Order your 1/240 USN 4"/50 (10.2 cm) Open Sub Deck Mount Set today from Distefan 3D Print and add a touch of realistic firepower to your Revell 1/240 USS Somers diorama!

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