1/30 USN 5"/54 caliber Mark 45 gun Mod 0-2 KIT
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1/30 USN 5"/54 caliber Mark 45 gun Mod 0-2 KIT

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1/30 hi detailed and accurate model of ​ 127mm 5"/54 caliber Mark 45 gun Mod 0-2 KIT

The 127 mm (5")/54 caliber (Mk 45) lightweight gun is a U.S. naval artillery gun mount consisting of a 127 mm (5 in) L54 Mark 19 gun on the Mark 45 mount.

Mod 0: used mechanical fuze setter. Two-piece rifled construction, with replaceable liner
Mod 1: electronic fuze setter replaces the mechanical one. Made with a unitary construction barrel, which has a life span approximately twice that of the Mark 42 gun.
Mod 2: export version of Mod 1, but now used in the US Navy
Mod 3: same gun with a new control system; never put into production
Mod 4: longer 62-caliber barrel (versus Mod 1 and 2's 54 caliber) for more complete propellant combustion and higher velocity[6] and thus more utility for land attack. The Mk 45 mod 4 uses a modified flat-panel gun turret, designed to reduce its radar signature.

Current operators:
Royal Australian Navy
Anzac-class frigates: Mod 4 (upgraded from Mod 2)
Hobart-class destroyer: Mod 4

Royal Danish Navy
Absalon-class command and support ships

Hellenic Navy
Hydra-class frigates (MEKO 200 HN)

Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force
Atago-class guided-missile destroyers: Mod 4
Akizuki-class destroyers: Mod 4

 South Korea
Republic of Korea Navy
Sejong the Great-class guided-missile destroyer: Mod 4
Chungmugong Yi Sun-sin-class guided-missile destroyer: Mod 4
Incheon-class frigate: Mod 4

 New Zealand
Royal New Zealand Navy
Anzac-class frigates: Mod 2

Spanish Navy
Álvaro de Bazán-class frigates: Mod 2

Republic of China Navy
Kee Lung-class guided-missile destroyers

Royal Thai Navy
Naresuan-class frigates: Mod 2 being upgraded Mod 4

Turkish Navy
Salihreis-class frigates (MEKO 200 TN II-B)
Barbaros-class frigates (MEKO 200 TN II-A)
Yavuz-class frigates (MEKO 200 TN)

 United States
United States Navy
Active service ships:
Ticonderoga-class guided-missile cruisers: Mod 2
CG-52-73: Mod 4 after receiving the cruiser modernization
Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer:
DDG 51–80: Mod 2
DDG 81–112: Mod 4

California-class cruisers
Kidd-class destroyers
Spruance-class destroyers
Tarawa-class amphibious assault ships (later removed)
Virginia-class cruisers

Future operators
Royal Australian Navy
Hunter-class frigate: 9 ships ordered.

Royal Canadian Navy
Canadian Surface Combatant: 15 ships planned.

 United Kingdom
Royal Navy
Type 26 frigate: 8 ships planned, 3 ships ordered, 1 in build (Mod 4)

Indian Navy
Visakhapatnam-class destroyer: 4 ships under construction
Nilgiri-class frigate (2019): 6 ships under construction, 1 planned

Real scaled from original
Hollowed to saved material.
Model unpainted

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Some part cleanup will be necessary. Water-based acrylic paints meant for plastics is strongly recommended.  Other paints, especially enamels, may not cure on Frosted Detail 3D-printed plastics.