1/32 U-Boot VII C41 conning tower detail set

Sale price$440.36
Material: Tan Fine Detail Plastic


This 1/32 U-Boot VII C41 conning tower detail set provides unparalleled realism in a luxuriously detailed and accurate 1/32 scale. Featuring a remarkable array of components, including attack Periscope (Luftzielsehrohr), horse type life preserver with mount 2pcs, the schnorchel support, the schnorchel rising mechanism, left compass with support, df loop antenna (funkfeilrahmen), fumo antenna 3 bali, fumo 61 and aerial type 6 for DF set, compass with gimpal ring, left red navigation light, uzo with binocular, right green navigation light, magnetic compass housing, air search periscope, it is an essential addition to any submarine modelers arsenal. Meticulously crafted with scale precision and hollowed out to save material, this exquisite detail set will provide an incomparable level of luxury to your submarine model.

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