1/35 DKM Uboot VIIC Conning Tower Deck Panel Set

Sale price$144.00
Material: White Natural Versatile Plastic


Bring Your 1/35 DKM U-Boat VIIC Model to Life with this Superbly Detailed Conning Tower Deck Panel

Take your WWII German submarine model to the next level with this meticulously crafted 1/35 scale DKM U-Boot VIIC Conning Tower Deck Panel. Constructed from a highly detailed and accurate design, this panel perfectly replicates the real-world counterpart for an unparalleled level of realism.

Uncompromising Quality & Customization Freedom

This intricate deck panel is built to last, using a special hollow construction technique that maintains quality while saving on material. Unpainted, the panel provides a blank canvas for you to customize with your preferred colors and weathering effects, allowing you to perfectly match your existing model.

Choose the Perfect Material for Your Needs

We offer two exceptional material options to suit your specific modeling preferences:

  • Versatile Plastic (Nylon 12) - White Finish: This durable material is ideal for a wide range of modeling applications. The slightly rough, matte white surface offers a touch of elegance and a perfect base for customization.

  • Fine Detail Plastic - Clear Ultra & Tan Finishes: For the ultimate in detail, choose our Fine Detail Plastic. This acrylic material is renowned for its ability to capture incredibly intricate features, making it perfect for creating incredibly realistic models. We offer two finishes in this material:

    • Clear Ultra Fine Detail Plastic: This option boasts the finest details possible with a clear finish, ideal for showcasing intricate components.
    • Tan Fine Detail Plastic: This tan-colored option delivers exceptional detail with a warm, opaque aesthetic, perfect for adding contrast and depth to your model.

Elevate your 1/35 DKM U-Boat VIIC model with this exceptional Conning Tower Deck Panel. Order yours today!

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