1/350 USN Single 5in/38 Cal. Open Mount Set (4 pcs)

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Material: Tan Fine Detail Plastic


Equip Your Allied Warships for Victory: Distefan's 1/350 USN Single 5in/38 Cal. Open Mount Set (4 pcs)

Supercharge the historical accuracy and firepower of your 1/350 scale WWII Allied warships with Distefan 3D Print's meticulously crafted USN Single 5in/38 Cal. Open Mount Set (4 pcs). These exquisite replicas perfectly capture the iconic naval armament used on countless vessels throughout the war, allowing you to recreate a true historical fleet in miniature.

Unmatched Detail for the Discerning Modeler:

Distefan's artisans have meticulously recreated the intricate details of the original 5in/38 cal. open mount, ensuring historical fidelity down to the smallest detail. This 4-piece set provides all the components you need to equip your destroyers, cruisers, and battleships with this ubiquitous weapon system.

Engineered for Efficiency and Versatility:

Distefan prioritizes both quality and affordability. The 1/350 scale open mount sets feature a hollowed design that offers two key benefits:

  • Exceptional Detail: The innovative hollow core allows for intricate details of the original mount to be faithfully reproduced without compromising visual accuracy.
  • Sustainable Material Usage: This approach reduces material consumption, making it an eco-conscious collector's item.

Designed for Widespread Compatibility:

This versatile set is designed to be seamlessly integrated with a wide range of 1/350 scale Allied warships from World War II, allowing you to enhance the firepower of nearly any vessel in your collection.

Unleash Your Creative Potential:

Distefan 3D Print offers a variety of premium materials to perfectly match your modeling vision:

  • MJF Plastic PA12 (Gray Natural Finish): This high-quality material offers a smooth surface and exceptional durability for a professional, finished look.
  • Versatile Plastic (Nylon 12) - White Finish: This versatile plastic provides a strong foundation for painting and customization, allowing you to personalize the open mounts to match the specific wear and tear of your chosen historical period.
  • Fine Detail Plastic (Clear Ultra and Tan Finishes): Ideal for showcasing intricate details, this fine detail plastic allows for exceptional clarity and precision, perfect for replicating the realistic textures and subtle variations of the original open mounts.

The unpainted open mounts may require some minor cleaning, offering you the creative freedom to customize them with your preferred paints and weathering techniques to achieve a museum-quality finish.

Distefan 3D Print's 1/350 USN Single 5in/38 Cal. Open Mount Set (4 pcs) is the perfect way to elevate the authenticity and firepower of your WWII Allied naval fleet. Order yours today and set sail on a journey of historical recreation!

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