1/48 USN 21in Quadruple Torpedo Tubes Open

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Material: Tan Fine Detail Plastic


Unleash the Fury: 1/48 USN 21in Quadruple Torpedo Tubes Open (Detailed & Unpainted)

Bring Your Model Warships to Life with Open Torpedo Tubes

Attention ship modelers and history buffs! Distefan 3D Print offers the perfect way to add firepower and realism to your 1/48 scale naval models: the meticulously detailed 1/48 USN 21in Quadruple Torpedo Tubes Open. This exceptional set captures the US Navy's iconic torpedo tubes in a launch-ready configuration, adding an extra layer of action and drama to your model.

Unmatched Accuracy for Demanding Modelers

This set boasts incredibly accurate replicas of the real USN 21in Quadruple Torpedo Tubes, faithfully reproduced at 1/48 scale. Each tube is meticulously crafted and hollowed out to reduce weight while maintaining intricate details. Offered unpainted, this set allows you to unleash your creativity and customize it to perfectly match a specific historical scene or diorama. Some minor cleanup may be required after printing.

Exceptional Detailing for a Realistic Finish

Distefan 3D Print uses Fine Detail Plastic for this set, a material renowned for its ability to capture even the finest details. This ensures that every intricate aspect of the torpedo tubes, from the hatches to the launch rails, is faithfully reproduced.

Choose Your Ideal Finish:

Distefan 3D Print understands that modelers have different preferences. That's why we offer this set in two finishes:

  • Clear Ultra Fine Detail Plastic: This option allows you to showcase the intricate mechanisms of the torpedo tubes in stunning detail and clarity.

  • Tan Fine Detail Plastic: This option features a warm, uniform tan color, providing a perfect base for painting and weathering to match a specific historical period.

The Perfect Finishing Touch for Your Model Fleet

The 1/48 USN 21in Quadruple Torpedo Tubes Open from Distefan 3D Print is the missing piece to elevate your ship models to a masterpiece of historical accuracy and realism. Choose your preferred finish and experience the difference that meticulous attention to detail can make!

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