1/500 USN 40mm Quad Bofors Shielded Set (4 pcs)

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Material: Tan Fine Detail Plastic


Elevate Your US Navy Ship Models with 1/500 USN 40mm Quad Bofors Shielded Set (4 pcs)

Take your 1/500 scale US Navy ship model to the next level of historical accuracy with Distefan 3D Prints' exclusive 40mm Quad Bofors Gun Set! This meticulously detailed 4-piece set captures the essence of this iconic anti-aircraft weapon system, a mainstay on American warships throughout World War II.

Unmatched Detail for Museum-Quality Results

Distefan 3D Prints is dedicated to providing exceptional detail that surpasses expectations for 1/500 scale models. This Bofors Gun Set boasts:

  • Intricate Design: Immerse yourself in the intricate details of this crucial defensive armament, from the realistic gun barrels to the precisely modeled shield.
  • Perfect Historical Accuracy: Crafted from original reference materials, this upgrade set ensures a faithful representation that complements your existing model kit.

Seamless Integration for Flawless Results

We understand the importance of a perfect fit for your 1/500 scale model. This Bofors Gun Set is meticulously designed to seamlessly integrate with your specific model kit, ensuring a flawless and historically accurate representation.

Exceptional Durability for Lasting Enjoyment

Crafted from MJF Plastic PA12, renowned for its exceptional strength and durability, this upgrade set is a long-lasting and high-quality addition to your collection. The gray natural finish provides a solid base for you to paint and customize your model.

Quadruple Your Firepower and Detail!

This essential set includes four 40mm Bofors gun models, allowing you to realistically equip your 1/500 scale US Navy ship model.

Order your Distefan 3D Prints 1/500 USN 40mm Quad Bofors Gun Set (4 pcs) today and embark on a journey to create a stunningly detailed and historically accurate replica of your favorite WWII US warship, bristling with defensive firepower!

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