1/72 IJN fire control binoculars set 10pcs

Sale price$56.30
Material: Tan Fine Detail Plastic


This 1/72 IJN Fire Control Binoculars SET is crafted with intricate, detailed accuracy, making it the perfect piece to add to any collector's arsenal. Featuring 10 units, it showcases an impressive range of designs, from the 12cm observation and direction controller, secondary-gun fire director (Fukuho Hoiban Soyoun Sochi), target course and speed controller, target-tracing instalation, target-course-and speed computer ('13 shiki Sokuteki Ban), machine gun fire director '95-shiki Kiju Shageki Sochi', typical binoculars bounting. Hollowed to save material, this set is a luxurious addition to any WWII IJN warships model. Invite the exclusive world of art and fashion to your project with this premium set.

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