1/96 USN 5 inch 25 (12.7 cm) deck AA mount Kit

Sale price$32.14
Material: Tan Fine Detail Plastic


This exquisite 1/96 5 inch 25 (12.7 cm) deck AA mount Kit is a highly detailed and accurate model, designed for the sophisticated scale modeler. Perfectly scaled from the original in order to retain complete authenticity, this hollowed piece is ready for painting and will be a captivating addition to any collection. It was used in the USS Nevada (BB-36), USS Pennsylvania (BB-38), USS New Mexico (BB-40), USS Tennessee (BB-43), USS Colorado (BB-45), USS Pensacola (CA-24), USS Northampton (CA-26), USS New Orleans (CA-32), USS Portland (CA-33), USS Brooklyn (CL-40) classes, and USS Indianapolis (CA-35).

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