1/96 IJN Maya Fore Turret 3 SET
Surat, Gujarat
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1/96 IJN Maya Fore Turret 3 SET

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1/96 scale very hi detailed and accurate Fore Turret 3 (20 cm/50 3rd Year Type naval gun) for Japanese Maya heavy cruisers.

Third year type 20 cm/50 caliber guns (五十口径三年式二〇糎砲, gojūkōkei sannenshiki ni-maru centi-hō) formed the main battery of Japan's World War II heavy cruisers.

Suitable for: WWII Japanese Maya Heavy Cruiser.

Maya (摩耶) was one of four Takao-class heavy cruisers, active in World War II with the Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN). These were the largest and most modern cruisers in the Japanese fleet, and were intended to form the backbone of a multipurpose long-range strike force. These ships were fast, powerful and heavily armed, with enough firepower to hold their own against any cruiser in any other navy in the world. Her sister ships were Takao, Atago and Chōkai.

Real scaled from original
Model unpainted
Model Hollowed

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