1/96 RIM-8 Talos missiles

Sale price$52.52
Material: Tan Fine Detail Plastic


Discover the precision and detail of our 1/96 scale RIM-8 Talos missiles for MK12 system. Ready for RC, these sophisticated models can be used to animate elevation and rotation for the RIM-8 Talos SAM system. Featuring two unpainted units, these missiles are designed exclusively to operate on USS Long Beach Nuclear Missile Cruisers Terrier, USS Oklahoma City CL91/CLG5/CG5, Albany class Cruiser (CG 10, CG 11, CG 12), USS Little Rock (CLG 4/CG 4), and USS Colombus (CG-12). With a hollowed-out design to save material, these elegant missiles will make a unique and luxurious addition to your model.

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