1/96 USN 40mm quad Bofors

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Material: Tan Fine Detail Plastic


It's time to bring accuracy and life to your maritime scene with this 1/96 scale USN 40mm Quad Bofors. Modeled with exquisite detail, this accurate replica exudes a sophisticated level of artistry. For the Navy enthusiast, this high-grade model is an unrivaled take on a classic. Offered unadorned, it awaits your custom paint job.

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Lawrnce G.
This is regarding my order

This is regarding my order #1578. I am impressed by the quality and details of your items; However, I question your scaling. See the following on my items. I purchased several year ago some 1/96 sale fittings for a Flether class destroyer from another company that is no longer in business due to a death of the owner. I have built several ship models in the 1/96 scale and I am presently out fitting an APA model. Pease see my comments below :
Example 1
Your Item,1/96 USN 40mm Quad Bofors,
Shipping tag part number # 8729520
Packing number PO # 8729520A and CS#4292100
Your item measurements width 2 7/8” x over barrel length 1 5/8”
My prior purchase on is width 1 7/8” x overall barrel length 1 ¾”

Example 2
Your Item, 1/96 USN Single 5 inch (127 mm) 38 caliber gun
Shipping tag part number # 8729522
Packing number PO # 8728522 and CS#492100
Your item measurements overall barrel length 1 7/16
I believe it should be about 2 ½”

I was going to order many other fittings by question your scale. Please check the following items
1. 1/96 USN Life Raft Oval should be close to width 13/16” x 1 ½”
2. 1/96 US Typical Ladders SET x4 should be close to overall length 1 ¼”
3. I was also looking at your winches

Other than my comments your items are impressive by the quality and detail, and I would purchase them many times over for I plan to build many more scale model boat.

Keep up your good work
Larry Gilley

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