1/100 HMS Elfreda Hull Fore
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1/100 HMS Elfreda Hull Fore

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1/100 scale very hi detailed and accurate model of HMS Elfreda Hull Fore.

Hull is suitable for the Auk Class (Catherine class in the UK) minesweepers.

Dimension: Long 67.4 cm, wide 98.3 cm, height 96.4 cm

A total of 95 Auk class minesweepers were built during WW 2, to serve both the United States Navy and the British Royal Navy (under the lend-lease program). Those retained for US Navy use were given names and the "AM" hull classification prefix. Those transferred to the RN were named as the Catherine class receiving "J" pennant number prefixes.

Royal Navy 
HMS Catherine (J 12)
HMS Cato (J 16)
HMS Chamois (J 28)
HMS Chance (J 340)
HMS Combatant (J 341)
HMS Cynthia (J 345)
HMS Elfreda (J 402)
HMS Fairy (J 403)
HMS Florizel (J 404)
HMS Foam (J 405)
HMS Frolic (J 406)
HMS Gazelle (J 342)
HMS Gorgon (J 346)
HMS Grecian (J 352)
HMS Jasper (ii) (J 407)
HMS Magic (J 400)
HMS Pique (J 23)
HMS Pylades (J 401)
HMS Steadfast (J 375)
HMS Strenuous (J 338)
HMS Tattoo (J 374)
HMS Tourmaline (J 339)

US Navy 
USS Ardent (AM 340)
USS Champion (AM 314)
USS Chief (AM 315)
USS Competent (AM 316)
USS Defense (AM 317)
USS Devasator (AM 318)
USS Dextrous (AM 341)
USS Gladiator (AM 319)
USS Impeccable (AM 320)
USS Spear (AM 322)
USS Triumph (AM 323)
USS Vigilance (AM 324)
USS Auk (AM 57)
USS Broadbill (AM 58)
USS Chickadee (AM 59)
USS Heed (AM 100)
USS Herald (AM 101)
USS Minivet (AM 371)
USS Motive (AM 102)
USS Murrelet (AM 372)
USS Nuthatch (AM 60)
USS Oracle (AM 103)
USS Peregrine (AM 373)
USS Pheasant (AM 61)
USS Pigeon (AM 374)
USS Pilot (AM 104)
USS Pioneer (AM 105)
USS Pochard (AM 375)
USS Portent (AM 106)
USS Prevail (AM 107)
USS Ptarmigan (AM 376)
USS Pursuit (AM 108)
USS Quail (AM 377)
USS Redstart (AM 378)
USS Requisite (AM 109)
USS Revenge (AM 110)
USS Roselle (AM 379)
USS Ruddy (AM 380)
USS Sage (AM 111)
USS Scoter (AM 381)
USS Seer (AM 112)
USS Sentinel (AM 113)
USS Sheldrake (AM 62)
USS Shoveler (AM 382)
USS Skill (AM 115)
USS Skylark (AM 63)
USS Speed (AM 116)
USS Sprig (AM 384)
USS Staff (AM 114)
USS Starling (AM 64)
USS Steady (AM 118)
USS Strive (AM 117)
USS Surfbird (AM 383)
USS Sustain (AM 119)
USS Swallow (AM 65)
USS Sway (AM 120)
USS Swerve (AM 121)
USS Swift (AM 122)
USS Symbol (AM 123)
USS Tanager (AM 385)
USS Tercel (AM 386)
USS Threat (AM 124)
USS Tide (AM 125)
USS Token (AM 126)
USS Toucan (AM 387)
USS Towhee (AM 388)
USS Tumult (AM 127)
USS Usage (AM 130)
USS Velocity (AM 128)
USS Vital (AM 129)
USS Waxwing (AM 389)

Real scaled from original.
Hollowed to saved material.
Model unpainted.

If you need a different size or a custom part designed just for you? 
Please send me a PM.

Some part cleanup will be necessary. Water-based acrylic paints meant for plastics is strongly recommended. Other paints, especially enamels, may not cure on Frosted Detail 3D-printed plastics.