1/200 DKM Small Rope Reel Barrels Set (18 pcs)

Sale price$20.76
Material: Tan Fine Detail Plastic


Upgrade Your 1/200 WWII DKM Ship Model with Detailed Small Rope Reel Barrels Set (18 pcs)

Add Historical Touches with Realistic Rope Storage (Set of 18)

Ship modelers seeking to elevate the historical accuracy and detail of their 1/200 scale WWII German Kriegsmarine ship models, look no further than Distefan's meticulously detailed 1/200 DKM Small Rope Reel Barrels (18 pcs).

Museum-Quality Miniatures for Discerning Modelers

This 3D printed set accurately depicts the traditional rope barrels used extensively on German warships throughout World War II. Distefan 3D Print utilizes high-resolution scans and close attention to detail to create these impressive miniature replicas, adding a touch of realism to your model. These rope barrels were essential for storing and organizing various lengths of rope used for mooring, anchoring, and other shipboard tasks.

Precise Scale, Multiple Material Options, and Unpainted Finish

Engineered to perfectly match the 1/200 scale of your WWII German ship model, these rope barrels boast exceptional detail. Distefan 3D Print offers a variety of materials to choose from, allowing you to select the one that best suits your needs and budget. The unpainted finish provides you with the creative freedom to customize them perfectly to match the specific era and weathered look of your model.

Bulk Up Your Ship's Deck Details (Set of 18)

This set includes 18 small rope reel barrels, allowing you to realistically equip your 1/200 scale ship model for a historically accurate depiction. Experience the difference meticulous attention to detail can make and order yours today!

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