1/24 Hydra Schmidt Roadster Chassis
Surat, Gujarat
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1/24 Hydra Schmidt Roadster Chassis

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1/24 scale very hi detailed and accurate model of Chassis.

Car length is 35cm.

Hydra Schmidt Coupe from Captain America V16 Coupe: The First Avenger. The car is owned by the villain Red Skull and has a unique design based on older roadster cars with a tank-like steampunk twist.

It is a fusion of design two cars - the most luxurious roadster 40s Mercedes 540K and personal Hitler's off-road limousine Mercedes G4.

Other parts from this KIT:

1/24 Hydra Schmidt Roadster Main Body

1/24 Hydra Schmidt Roadster Rear Wheels SET x4

1/24 Hydra Schmidt Roadster Front Wheels SET x2

1/24 Hydra Schmidt Roadster Front Sign

Hollowed to saved material.
Model unpainted

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