1/285 USN Mk10 terrier missile launcher Kits

Sale price$28.70
Material: Tan Fine Detail Plastic


Treat your naval fleet to opulence with this sophisticated 1/285 Mk10 terrier missile launcher Kits. The attention to detail makes these Mk10 GMS guided missile launchers incredibly lifelike - made with highly accurate parts like the pedestal to raise the Mk10, the big missile ejector, and the small missile ejector. Used with RIM-2 terrier and RIM-67 standard missile SM-1/2ER, these launchers are designed to be compatible with Belknap class CG, Leahy class CG, Farragut (Coontz) class DDG, and more. For added exclusivity, each Kit is real-scaled from the original and hollowed to save material.

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