1/72 HMS Exeter QF 4-inch naval gun Elev.
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1/72 HMS Exeter QF 4-inch naval gun Elev.

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1/72 scale very hi detailed and accurate model of HMS Twin HA/LA Mount 4"/45 (10.2 cm) QF 4-inch naval gun. Elevated 45 degrees.

Model unpainted
Model Hollowed

List of equipped vessels

As secondary armament
Aircraft carriers: HMS Furious, HMS Unicorn
Escort carriers: Nairana-class escort carriers, HMS Pretoria Castle, HMS Activity
HMS Hood
HMS Rodney
C-class cruisers (converted to anti-aircraft cruisers)
HMS Barham, HMS Malaya, HMS Warspite
Revenge-class battleships
County-class cruisers
HMS Exeter
Swiftsure-class cruisers
Crown Colony-class cruisers
Edinburgh-class cruisers
Southampton-class cruisers (Town-class)
Arethusa-class cruisers
Perth-class cruisers
Leander-class cruisers
HMS Effingham
HMS Danae (ORP Conrad)

As main armament
Abdiel-class minelayers
HNLMS Jacob van Heemskerck
Tribal-class destroyers
L and M-class destroyer (the first series L: HMS Gorham, Lance, Legion, Lively)
HMS Petard (modified)
Weapon-class destroyers
V and W-class destroyers (after WAIR modification – 15 ships)
HMS Wallace (after WAIR modification)
Hunt-class destroyers
Some Bathurst-class corvettes (single-gun Mk XX mounting)
Black Swan-class sloops
Egret-class sloops
Bittern-class sloop (modified)
Grimsby-class sloop (modified)
Bay-class frigates
River-class frigates (part of Canadian-built)
8 auxiliary AA defence ships
Some landing ships

Allied ships modified in the United Kingdom
ORP Błyskawica (Polish)
HNLMS Jacob van Heemskerck (Dutch)
HNLMS Isaac Sweers (Dutch)
4 French Elan-class avisos and Chamois-class avisos

The South African Navy Loch-class frigates (HMSAS Good Hope, HMSAS Natal and HMSAS Transvaal) each had two of these guns mounted on a twin Mark XIX on their foredeck between 1944 and 1976.

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